About the blogger:

Back of sign: They are called Human Rights for a reason.My name is David Byars.
I am an American and a Californian.
I am a liberal, vegetarian, book-reading, science-minded atheist.
I am pro-human rights, which includes pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-gender equality, pro-racial equality, and pro-children’s rights.
I fully support the 1st amendment and will go to great effort to get and keep religion out of government and especially out of schools- except as something to be studied in comparative religion class.
I commute on my bike, donate blood and vote.
I work in a library, go to school, and barring some dire event, will become a geneticist.
I am in favor of developing space travel, terraforming and robotic resource gatherers, and hope to see a space elevator in my lifetime.
I am a geek and a nerd: and I am proud.

One Response to “About the blogger:”

  1. david freeman Says:

    Love the “Leviticus says … Crazy Shit”

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