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Sokka: Cat of Light and Shadow

November 10, 2012



And other absurdly pretentious titles. Here are the pics:


The Nightmare Before Christmas

November 9, 2012

This movie, a story about a mid-life crisis, has wonderful music and engaging characters…

… I know. Mid-life crisis?

The main character is a man successful in his field, but he feels empty:

He decides on a drastic change in career, radically changes his wardrobe and gets a new ride:

And starts a romance with a woman much younger than him:

At the end, the moral is that it isn’t a matter of what you do, but of loving whatever you do, and making connections along the way.

So, my dear readers, am I wrong?

Todd Akin has pissed off the musically talented.

August 29, 2012

I can’t decide which I like better, but I nearly laughed myself to tears when I recognized the second tune.


First video found through Greta Christina’s Blog, second video found through Allison’s comment on the same page.

Mike Huckabee describes the political debate I want to see.

August 26, 2012

“This could be a Mount Carmel moment. You know, you bring your gods. We’ll bring ours. We’ll see whose God answers the prayers and brings fire from heaven. That’s kind of where I’m praying: that there will be fire from heaven, and we’ll see it clearly, and everyone else will too.”

Mike Huckabee, rallying Southern Baptists to support Representative Todd Akin (R-MO) in his campaign.

This is very interesting to me even aside from the implication that “good Christians” should believe like Romney, Ryan, or Akin – and the Republican Party Platform – that abortion should never be legal, and like Akin and Romney that rape somehow isn’t rape if it results in pregnancy.

I mean, look at that quote: I am sold. I want to have these charlatans who claim to know the mind of god stand before the world and have a miracle competition. As the judges we can get The Amazing Randi, Penn and Teller and any other stage magicians willing to watch for fraud. To enter the competition, contracts must be signed saying that anybody who tries but can’t perform a miracle has to tithe to the National Center for Science Education for the rest of their lives.

Anybody who actually performs a miracle before all the world suddenly has a much greater reach and audience.

I can see no possible downside… except to charlatans.


Mike Huckabee quote found through Political Wire.

Is it news if it’s not reported?

August 24, 2012




Since corporate profits keep going up- showing that corporations are benefiting from the many services that our government offers- the fact that corporate tax revenue is decreasing seems relevant and necessary to our political discussions.

Does the very idea of those discussions happening strike anyone else as extremely unlikely?

Apparently so. (Note the third panel especially)


Chart found through Wonkwire. Comic through Political Irony.

Ambiguous graffiti

August 17, 2012

I saw this graffiti and was struck with questions:

“Fuck Gay’s!!!”

Is this pro gay or anti gay? Or just pro fucking?

Why the apostrophe? What does the writer want to fuck- or want to encourage others to fuck- that belongs to gays? If body parts, it indicates that it is pro gay. Or at least pro fucking.

But if rights or property, that would be anti gay.

Now, if it is just a grammatical error, that would also indicate anti gay, because the ability to spell and correctly construct grammatical structures seems to be lost on people scrawling hate on walls.

As to the exclamation points, I’m just going to quote from Eric, a book by Terry Pratchett: “Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind.”

What do you think?

Shitty politics

August 9, 2012

First, Ohio Republican Josh Mandel shorts (bets against) US Treasury bills and then publicly declares that he plans to vote for the United States to default on its debt: if the US defaulted, it would lower the value of US Treasury bills, and increase the value of his investment. Someone so shitty as to actively plan to hurt the country for personal profit has no right to represent its people.

Next, Joe Walsh spews patronizing and arguably racist shit about President Obama:

“There’s something different on the ground, and I think it’s going to overtake us all again, think it’s going to overtake the political class. I think it’s going to respectfully pick this president up and pat him on the head and say, son, son, son, Mr. President, you were never ready to be president, now go home and work for somebody and find out how the real world works.”

Anybody else think “son” was the barest change from “boy” there? (Here’s where to donate to Walsh’s opponent, if you are interested)

Finally, a fertilizer company (Scotts Miracle-Gro Company) stays true to form by donating to Romney’s campaign. And they are still smelling like roses compared to all the companies donating to political campaigns secretly.

Aquaman’s Lament

July 23, 2012

PZ Myers has posted the Tragedy of Aquaman, but what about Aquaman’s point of view?

See the resemblance?

July 10, 2012

See how sad all these atheists look?

So, so sad.

So don’t approach atheists, kids, especially not at 7 in the morning on a weekend.

Save Greta Christina.

July 9, 2012

My friends, I come to you today with a special plea. One of the Secular movement’s greatest writers is in trouble:

When Pat Robertson admitted that human morality has advanced beyond what the Bible says regarding slavery, it caused Greta Christina to react with reckless optimism:

I assume Pat Robertson will now be taking back everything he’s said about homosexuality, women, the coming Armageddon, and whether Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for America’s abortion policy. He will soon be openly rejecting the very notion that morality should be based on an internally inconsistent, wildly inaccurate text written thousands of years ago, and will be embracing a humanist philosophy of basing morality on what most helps people and supports a flourishing society for all.


We cannot allow such a wonderful and passionate person as Greta to be so cruelly rent from us, from Ingrid, and from her cats.

I suggest drastic action. I suggest we inundate Pat Robertson with appeals regarding the parallels between the ways Biblical morality fails in each instance Greta cited and that which he has already conceded.

I further suggest we send Greta copies of each message so that even if Pat Robertson does not overcome his Biblical Bias, Greta might still be jarred out of her increasingly purple state.

Please, join with me: One message a day could save this poor atheist blogger from turning into a human blueberry and exploding, similarly to Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.