Of eligible voters in Pennsylvania, 13.1% think they have a valid ID but don’t


A study shows that- because of a law limiting what forms of ID can be used while voting- 13.1% of Pennsylvanians will likely be denied their constitutional right to vote this November:

The results showed an overwhelming majority — 97.8 percent of eligible voters and 98.7 percent of 2008 voters — believed they had a valid ID. In fact, 13.1 percent of eligible voters and 11.8 percent of 2008 voters thought they had a valid photo ID but actually did not.

“For the average person, they do possess some sort of ID card, and they do believe that ID card is valid,” Mr. Barreto said, adding that such a person is unlikely to seek a new form of identification.

The fact that conservative lawmakers are going out of their way to disenfranchise others in the United States of America makes me sick. Over the course of history we have expanded voting rights again and again, and to oppose that progress is fundamentally at odds with the values and ideals of this country.

Found through Political Wire.



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