Republican Sabotage of Employment.


Every single time we have had a recession, we’ve countered it by increasing public sector employment. Republican and Democratic administrations both do this, and it works. More people employed means more money in circulation, more demand for things other than bare essentials, and more of a market in which businesses can thrive.

So why did Republicans kill the American Jobs Act? Why have they promoted austerity?

It is because they know this, and wanted this to happen:

It is because they want the economy to fail and Obama to take the blame. It is because the Grand Old Party has fallen to the lowest common denominator, and too many Republican politicians are now traitors to their country: economic saboteurs of the U.S.A. and those who dearly desire to be its workforce.

We cannot allow them to succeed. We cannot allow a status quo where traitors are rewarded with high office for sabotaging the country and where our government is in the hands of those who not only believe government is the problem, but who make government the problem.

Found by way of Political Irony.


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