Godless good works


Maryam Namazie has a list of ways you can oppose people being sentenced to death by stoning. Only the Force Change and Facebook links worked for me, but try everything you can if you oppose this terrible practice.

The Deep Fried Freethinkers are raising money to get air conditioning units for people suffering from the heat in Mississipi – found through Friendly Atheist.

Ask an Atheist is doing a blogathon to raise money for marriage equality in Washington State – found through Friendly Atheist.

And once again, demand for Camp Quest is growing fast enough to demand a battle of the fund raisers. In one corner, cephalopod aficionado Pee Zed Myers, cockily declaring his imminent victory over all that is right and mammalian. In the other corner, a brave, valiant, daring and true… 12 people.

Donate for Camp Quest, do it for science, for reason, for truth and justice. But, most of all, do it for heightened emotional pleas.


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