Save Greta Christina.


My friends, I come to you today with a special plea. One of the Secular movement’s greatest writers is in trouble:

When Pat Robertson admitted that human morality has advanced beyond what the Bible says regarding slavery, it caused Greta Christina to react with reckless optimism:

I assume Pat Robertson will now be taking back everything he’s said about homosexuality, women, the coming Armageddon, and whether Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for America’s abortion policy. He will soon be openly rejecting the very notion that morality should be based on an internally inconsistent, wildly inaccurate text written thousands of years ago, and will be embracing a humanist philosophy of basing morality on what most helps people and supports a flourishing society for all.


We cannot allow such a wonderful and passionate person as Greta to be so cruelly rent from us, from Ingrid, and from her cats.

I suggest drastic action. I suggest we inundate Pat Robertson with appeals regarding the parallels between the ways Biblical morality fails in each instance Greta cited and that which he has already conceded.

I further suggest we send Greta copies of each message so that even if Pat Robertson does not overcome his Biblical Bias, Greta might still be jarred out of her increasingly purple state.

Please, join with me: One message a day could save this poor atheist blogger from turning into a human blueberry and exploding, similarly to Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.



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