Snyder rejects anti voting laws


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) voted against bills to restrict voter registration drives and to require a photo ID for absentee voting as well as a mandated ballot box affirmation of citizenship. I just want to say: well done for this little bit of sanity.

The bills proposed in Michigan were similar to bills popping up almost everywhere Republicans are worried they might lose if everyone votes.

Such as in Pennsylvania, where Republicans have just disenfranchised the 9.2% of the population who don’t have an ID from the State Transportation Department- if you live in Pennsylvania, get your ID!
Or in Mississippi where you need a birth certificate to get a  voter ID, and you need a photo ID to get a birth certificate.

Please, please- oppose these bills making people jump through hoops to exercise their right to vote, and please make sure you have whatever your state currently requires… and then vote.

Link appreciation to Political Wire and Political Irony.


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