Health care: The debate


Conservatives in our country are losing their minds over a moderate adopting their individual mandate:

And now they are calling it socialist, despite it being a mechanism by which people are required to pay for their own insurance, and the government is just regulating the cost of that insurance.

So, what is their non socialist alternative to their original non socialist plan?

Jonathan Chait says it well:

If Republicans really wanted to replace Obamacare with some more “market-friendly” alternative, then there’s a simple way they could go about it. They could promise to repeal the law only if they packaged the repeal with a replacement that did not increase the number of uninsured. But they’ll never do that, because the magic, cheaper free-market alternative does not exist, and the GOP has no interest in diverting resources to cover the poor and sick.

Comic found through Political Irony. Jonathan Chait’s article found through Wonk Wire.



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