If it was a single man and a married female politician…


would we even remember the man’s name?

Herman Cain had committed to monogamy with his wife and also had a 13 year long affair with Ginger White. And somehow, despite him being the married one cheating on his partner, she seems to get most of the blame. Herman Cain continues to get appearances on television and speaking gigs, and Ginger White is having trouble getting work, is accused of lying on one hand and being a home wrecker on the other.

I’m not saying she is blameless- the fact that Herman Cain was married would seem to indicate she should at least check with his wife to make sure they were a consenting polyamorous couple-  but he was the one who had made a commitment to Gloria Cain and then cheated on her.

And the only consequence for him, was dropping a bid for high office that never would have succeeded anyway.

So here is my question: If a married female politician got caught having an affair with a single male staffer, would the male be called a liar and a homewrecker?

If you checked the last link’s comment thread, you’ll find the answer is: no.

Thanks to Political Wire.


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One Response to “If it was a single man and a married female politician…”

  1. Krysta Says:

    Ugh. Double-standards are stupid and need to die.

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