Who needs feminism?


Okay, I don’t have a tumblr, but I wanted to answer this question:

I need feminism, because the popular conception of gender as a binary means that people are seen as “less than” if they are an emotionally developed person. Either less masculine, if he is capable of crying, or less feminine, if she is capable of asserting herself.

I need feminism, because some of the work that I see as being of the greatest value is usually valued less by society because it is seen as “woman’s work.”

I need feminism, because I want women to be just as safe as I am when they are (for example) alone, at night, being a pedestrian, or trying to relax.

I need feminism, because we are never going to have sensible policy making if we insist on pretending that women and men are so profoundly different that they might as well come from different planets.


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