Okay, on health care: breathe, and stop losing your minds.


The Affordable Care Act is not a tax-raising, deficit increasing, liberal takeover of healthcare, designed to kill people through death panels.

First, it doesn’t raise taxes or increase the deficit. It lowers taxes, and cuts costs through increased efficiency. This will lower the deficit.

Second, it isn’t liberal. It was designed by the conservative Heritage Foundation and their plan was tweaked by Romney more recently. If we were looking at a liberal plan we would not be talking about a mandate, we’d be talking about single-payer. Which I’d prefer, but still- well done, conservatives. Too bad it took a moderate to get it done.

Third, it isn’t a takeover of healthcare. It is insurance regulation. It regulates health insurance, not health care. Your doctor’s private practice remains a private practice, not a government office.

Fourth, death panels? Really? I just have no words for the depths of stupidity and fear which this reveals. The same people who use “Bleeding Heart Liberal” as an insult think we want to kill the elderly and infirm? And no contradiction is seen here?


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