The voter suppression project


One small part: Florida Governor Rick Scott’s elections agency has removed 180,000 voters from voter rolls, and refuses to release the list of those removed. This means that if you are a eligible voter in Florida, you may not know you are no longer eligible to vote until after the election. And by the time your eligibility is corrected, your vote won’t count.

This is not at all limited to Florida, though. And Rick Scott is not the only Republican in a position of power who is using the excuse of stopping voter fraud- which is practically nonexistent by the way– in order to disenfranchise voters. New rules limiting which forms of ID are valid and limiting early voting-what Jonathan Alter calls the Voter Suppression Project – are popping up all over the country.

These laws are anti-democracy, and need to be opposed. But I would like to propose a pro-democracy voting bill:
Election day should be a national holiday, and there should be at least a three day span before election day to vote for those who can’t make it on election day. It should be mandatory for companies to grant at least one of those (election day or one of the three days before) as days off, or maybe even as paid leave, in recognition of the importance of the duty of a citizen.

Found links through Political Wire.


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