Traitorous rich abandoning country after putting holes in ship of state


“Wealthy Americans Renouncing Citizenship at Record Pace.” This is why you can’t build a country for the rich- they see their first allegiance as to their wealth.

To build an efficiently working economy, you have to build your country around laborers and thinkers. Capital is the result of labor. Land has to be cultivated, metals must be mined, tools must be made.

Taxes should be levied proportionally to the benefit derived from the services the taxes pay for – if you are one person driving the roads you should be paying less to maintain those roads than the corporation that runs a trucking fleet. Such measures would encourage small businesses and innovation, niche markets and great variety in services and render communities immune to the sort of devastation that results when a business leverages its distant wealth to destroy all competition… and then uses its new monopoly to price gouge.

Loopholes favoring corporations and the very rich should be discarded. They don’t help the country, unless by country you mean corrupt politicians, the idle rich, lobbyists and boards of companies.

Let the rats leave, but lets not repeat the mistakes that let them loot the country.

Edited to fix link issues that my wordpress app was unable to address.



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