SF Pride is over, was fun and caused exhaustion


But the exhaustion is worth it:

I was able to spend most of the day with fellow activists who are committed to bringing about equality. I saw old friends and made new ones. I saw even greater numbers of atheists (10 more than last year) marching in support of our queer community.

I saw lovers (wives, husbands, and husbands and wives) holding hands and marching side by side. I heard people laugh and cheer when we held up signs:

A few people came up and hugged me when they saw my sign:

Photo by Anne Sauer.

So you get it: it was a good time.

But what did it accomplish?

Was it just a good time, or was there something more there?

I would argue that having this event every year is very useful to our movement towards equality.

Couples declared that their love was as valid as any love on earth.

Fellow humans showed their alliance and dedication to the cause of equality.

Both showed by presence and numbers that we are here and a political force to be reckoned with.

And corporations used it as an advertising tool.

I know, I know, that doesn’t sound positive, and I was not so hot on that last year, but hear me out here:

Corporations have realized that advertising through gay pride events is lucrative. That there is money to be made by pitching product to the gay and allied communities. If you are part of a corporation and you are looking to donate as a corporation to a political campaign, and you have already realized that, guess who you are less likely to back financially? The homophobe spouting hate.

I can’t think of a better effect we could be having than changing hearts and minds while reducing the funds going to bigots.



2 Responses to “SF Pride is over, was fun and caused exhaustion”

  1. Anne Sauer (@aynsavoy) Says:

    It was awesome to hang out with on Sunday!

    Also, I’m happy for you to use my photos, but naming sources in a good habit to have. Thanks!

    • David Byars Says:

      Thank you. I enjoyed talking with you immensely.
      Mostly my sources are linkable- for photos, I’m not sure of the custom. Does the above work?

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