Radicalization hearings? How about concerning all radicals regardless of religion?


Republican Representative Peter T. King has a vanity project. It is bigoted and stupid, but it is likely to get him a great many votes amongst a certain type of Christian who considers a war between Christianity and Islam to be inevitable and desirable.

His project? To single out Muslim Americans and look for evidence that they are becoming radicalized and dangerous. But here’s the thing: unlike most countries, America has never had a problem with citizens affiliated with minority religions becoming radicalized.

Why? Because of the freedom of religion that is guaranteed by our Constitution. On the other hand, he might eventually be successful in showing some evidence of radicalization- because persecuting a people tends to produce radicals among them.

In America, radicalization has more often been a signature of majority religions feeling threatened by a shift in population demographics and frightened of losing their majority. So, if we follow Congressman Al Green’s suggestion for hearings on Christian radicalization and further it to be an all-inclusive hearing, investigating radicalization wherever the evidence leads, my hypothesis is as follows:

We will find far more evidence of white male Protestant Christians being radicalized than any other demographic.

Thanks to Hemant Mehta.


One Response to “Radicalization hearings? How about concerning all radicals regardless of religion?”

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