Are you registered to vote? If you answer yes… there is a 10% chance of that suddenly changing.


Political Irony collected several stories regarding 22 new laws which claim to prevent voter fraud – which is a practically mythical threat in this country -where it is hard enough to get people to vote once let alone try a second time.

The actual effect of these laws? Voter suppression, especially of the poor, people in urban areas, the very old and new voters and minorities. Meaning mostly people who predominantly vote Democratic in national elections. Anybody wondering which party is behind these new laws? I didn’t think so.

An example? Laws limiting which government created IDs are eligible to use at the voting booth. Student ID? No can do, you hippie university commie. State employee IDs? No way, you socialist drinking at the teat of the state. Concealed handgun permit? Right this way to voting, you red – blooded American.

Please, for the love of actually having a functioning country and economy: get a state ID or driver’s licence, and vote.


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