Sometimes first reactions are the best reactions.


I was reading Maryam Namazie‘s SSA blogathon posts and found her quoting a religious ‘scholar’  in a manner designed to provoke mockery, that is, with apparent accuracy:

“An unveiled woman is like a bus – everyone gets to ride her.

“A woman who is not wearing a full-chador (all encompassing covering) but wearing a head-scarf and manteau (overcoat type covering) is like a taxi – a limited number get to ride her.

“But a woman wearing a chador, like my wife, is like a donkey – only one person gets to ride her.”

I read that aloud to Emily and her immediate reaction was:

“He just compared his wife to a donkey? He’s the ass!” which blew me away. After all, I was thinking the unwholesome attitude towards women in general was the main point, but the much scarier point is that someone like him is married.


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