Rapists are to blame for rape. How is this not obvious?


Here, read this: Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Pulls Ad That Blames Women For Getting Date-Raped

I’m glad the ad was pulled, but about that thought process that led to the ad:

Holy shit. And what, murdered people are to blame for their deaths? “Well, he just shouldn’t have been walking around without a scarf – anybody could have seen his arteries just under the surface of the skin. What did he expect?”

And are robbers off the hook for robbing? “Well, they were on vacation for more than 2 days and had a TV you could see through the window. They were asking for it!”

Hell no. This only comes up in cases of rape and it is because of a deeply unhealthy view of women and sex that permeates our society. The view of many religious and governmental authorities seems to be: If she wasn’t running away fast enough, she consented. If she wasn’t completely covering her skin from head to toe, she not only consented, she was asking for it. If she dared flirt, she consented, because how was the guy supposed to tell the difference between flirtation and an invitation? What was he supposed to do, ask? Or pay attention when she said no?

This is sick, and this is wrong.

And this also points to an unhealthy view of men. A view which trivializes their perceptive abilities and their moral judgement while accusing them of having no restraint, thus giving all burden to women instead.

This is sick and this is wrong.

And frankly, those views, held by people in government and religion? They are the same views that allow people to rape. So when we hear them voiced by figures in authority, that should be not just a warning sign but a klaxon calling us to deny them power. If they are in elected office, recall them. If they are in a position that can be denied by their superiors, pressure those superiors. If they are of an organization that you give money to, stop that financial support.

We cannot allow these views to flourish, or we are giving a pass to rape.


One Response to “Rapists are to blame for rape. How is this not obvious?”

  1. Angles of Secrets Says:

    Agreed completely. Thank you for your post and for strongly stating how you feel. I’ve been sexually assaulted in my life and have known many others in the world who have experienced the same. Its refreshing to read a mans words who agrees it is wrong and stands up for those who have been victimized.

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