And what will they think of the children?


When I heard that a church was banning “interracial couples” from membership, I had a few reactions, all at once.

One was shock: What the hell? It’s 2011, right? We have a President whose mum was white and whose dad was black. And then I thought: OH. This is a political thing as much as it is a racist idiot thing, isn’t it?

One was Polyannaish: Well, at least now everybody with some decency will know they don’t want to be associated with that church.

And I thought:  My stepmom and my dad are in that part of the country, but they can look after themselves… wait a minute. How would my little sisters be treated in that community?

That’s when the red haze descended. That’s when the big brother protective instincts kicked in. Because if people are against “interracial” couples, they probably aren’t going to be kind to their offspring either. Or anyone who isn’t of the majority skin color for that area. Because yeah, people now know to avoid that church, but that isn’t the whole story. The collection of beliefs that made the church voters think that ban was morally correct… those beliefs are the cause of this problem. And the people that hold them don’t limit them to inside their churches.

If you don't like it, deal with it.

Happy smiling couple.

And that is why I’m glad when stories like this run wild on the internet. Because unless we expose those mean little views for what they are, it will be people who can’t defend themselves- kids, people stuck in their jobs who can’t leave their areas, people just starting out during a recession, or starting over during a recession- people who are blameless who have to put up with this crap.

None of my initial reactions had to do with the institution being a church, but I do have to wonder: how many of the church members believe that the “Mark of Cain” was black skin or that the “Curse of Ham” was servility by one people to another.


One Response to “And what will they think of the children?”

  1. Krysta Says:

    Just an interesting little bit from a talk I went to during my freshman year at college. A rather respected and well-known man in the biological research of race gave a presentation. He was a black man who happened to be married to an asian woman, with two sons. He used his family to make a point about race and perceptions.

    When it was just he and the sons out, no one ever picked up that the sons were mixed race, they were just perceived as black.

    When it was just his wife and the sons out, no one ever picked up that the sons were mixed race then either. They were just perceived as asian.

    Two mixed race boys, and yet the only times strangers would/could realize this was when said strangers could see both parents.

    There is so much overlap between races that it’s rather stupid for people to make assumptions based on race. And it’s not always what race someone is, or if they’re mixed, by phenotypes alone.

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