Endless war in which we are the enemy


I rather like people and wish they didn’t get sent off to die for things that could be achieved without, you know, dying. Such as: energy. If you could build enough wind turbines to supply the United States with electricity for less than the financial cost of (kinda) securing oil in a country halfway around the world, and loads of people dying isn’t required? That’s probably a better deal.

It gets worse when not only is there a better way to attain the goal, but there isn’t really a clear goal. If the goal of killing people in foreign countries is to try to get rid of all of our enemies there, and pretty much everyone has 1 or more friends or family members, allow me to suggest: That goal is batshit insane.

But what if the goal of the combat isn’t the actual point? What if the wartime mentality, with a fearful populace, more spending on weapons, and more power for those in charge is the point?

What if we keep having mighty victories than mean “we’re on the verge of Victory!” but “the threat is grave and we cannot let up”  Well, then we have a recipe for what Glenn Greenwald calls Endless War.

And what if at the same time a peaceful protest movement is underway and seriously threatening the pocketbooks of wealthy bankers as droves of people change to credit unions or community banks? And what if the politicians in power react by writing bills which would, if passed, authorize the military to detain anyone, no reason given, without trial, indefinitely?

Well, then we are the enemy. The enemy of corporations and warmongering politicians. And this is because they started it, and as we peacefully protest, we are reacting in defense of ourselves, our rights, and our futures. We are their enemy and we will be until they heed our voice. Stand up, speak out, be heard.

Thanks to Political Irony for the link to Greenwald’s article and to my friend Krysta for the link to Samurai Knitter.


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