Pat Robertson speaks, the country laughs


“What is this mac-and-cheese? Is it a black thing?” — Pat Robertson

No, mac and cheese is usually an orangey-yellow. Mmm. Kraft.

So, at what point does he stop having enough credibility to have an audience?

Last time I checked, Macaroni and Cheese is an American staple, beloved by all children, the fall back meal for kids too picky to eat anything else at diners.

Also, last time I checked, The Barenaked Ladies are white.


2 Responses to “Pat Robertson speaks, the country laughs”

  1. Rob Rubin Says:

    I love Mac and cheese but I also like matzah ball soup so what the hell am I? I’m so confused.

    Rob, the mainland

    • David Byars Says:

      I’m sure that would confuse Pat, too. I love burritos and I also love chana masala, so I am obviously some sort of alien by Pat’s standards.

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