Speak up. Stand up. Be counted. And never be silenced.


We cannot roll over in the face of attempts to limit our voice. These attempts range from political parties silencing their opposition’s vote, to police forces denying the right to peaceably assemble, to overprivileged groups telling underprivileged ones not to rock the boat.

Fuck. That. Noise.

If we think silencing dissent is the way to run a ship of state, than this boat is on the rocks. If we are going to sail, we better get some movement. Rock all you damn well please.

We cannot allow political parties to limit the voices of those who disagree with them; that way leads to governments who jail or execute those who disagree with them.

We cannot allow the denial of the rights of protesters, because protest is how we get nonviolent change. If you want the other kind of change, deny those rights as much as you like.

We cannot allow the overprivileged to silence the underprivileged, because the underprivileged are the ones who aren’t sheltered to the point of the ridiculous. We need to know about the experiences of others, and not just for their sake:

If we don’t see how our societies screw people over, we won’t be fighting to make it better, we won’t be expecting the revolution when it happens, and worst of all, we might fight on the wrong side.


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