Nero fiddled while Rome burned.


Pretty damning as a statement, right? A governmental leader doing nothing constructive while his state was undergoing catastrophe.

But how much worse is it if, seeing the fire start to spread, you start pouring kerosene? And what does it say about a country if the destructive practices of leaders is legal? Our political leaders engaged in insider trading betting against the health of our financial system.

We went through a completely avoidable crash in 2008.

In 2000, the speculative financial industries successfully lobbied our political leaders to legalize an always risky type of trade: credit default swaps.

And when the crash was looming, those in power had enough warning to profit off of it, the legal right to do so, and less incentive to stop it.

People keep saying that the Occupy Wall Street needs to have one short punchy issue to run with… but if there is one way we as a nation are wealthy, it is that we have a wealth of things to protest.


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