Choice, and why even if you don’t want it, I do


Hello, readers.  This is not David, as the title of the blog suggests, but rather Emily, his wife.  I requested a guest spot for today.  Here we go.

Mississippi’s Initiative 26 is leading the charge against human rights by proposing to extend the legal definition of a human.

How does that work, exactly? Initiative 26 will extend the rights of “personhood” all the way to conception. Any fertilized egg, under this law, has all the same rights as, say, a 14-year-old. No, it can’t vote. But if it dies through inaction (miscarriage) or action (taking Plan B), all the same laws will apply as if it were manslaughter or murder.

Fertility clinics are afraid of this law. In healthy women below the age of 35, only 4 in 10 fertilized eggs result in live birth. ( How afraid would you be to offer this service to families who WANT children if each fertilized egg carries the chance that you’d be jailed? Plenty of families ( regardless of their pro-life or pro-choice stance are against this ridiculous initiative.

I hate the tendency of the pro-life movement to want to control what I and other women choose for our bodies and families. Currently, we can choose whether or not to get an abortion if we conceive. It needs to be a personal decision every time. We need to weigh our health, our ability to care for the child, our fiscal fitness, and a host of other factors when deciding whether to bring a child into this world. I know what I would choose, and I’m grateful for the ability to choose.

That’s the important part. Choice. I don’t care if the pro-life movement believes women who choose to abort are going to hell, I don’t care if they protest outside of my local Planned Parenthood (so long as it’s peaceful), and I don’t care if they preach against abortion in their churches. The choice of contraceptives and abortions should not be legislated against. They can choose not to partake, but it should exist.

At the time I’m writing this, Mississippi’s voting results have not been released yet. I hope they vote this ridiculously vague and insulting initiative down.

Still, I fear the worst.

10:20 PM Pacific Time: Yay!  The initiative was voted down!  Now, we’ve still got our work cut out for us.  There are people trying to push this damn thing through in all fifty states, as stated by itself.  Holy crap, people.  Holy crap.


One Response to “Choice, and why even if you don’t want it, I do”

  1. Krysta Says:

    Ugh. I’m with you.

    I may not like or agree with your* choices, but unless it’s hurting someone I’m not going to stop you*. Please give me the same courtesy in my choices.

    *General you, not specific you.

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