The 99%


Ariah Noetzel's text reply to photo

I’m glad this person is doing well now. I’ve been there, I identify with the debt free working through college, taking jobs that pay not much at all and never give enough hours, and the managing to comfortably live despite that because my needs were few. Blaming myself for my own mistakes, hey that’s what I do – I got that, I own the shirt, I’ve sent the postcards.

But the scholarships they’ve gotten? No matter how good their grades, those won’t exist if the recession caused by Wall Street is allowed to continue. Colleges are continually having their funding cut, and government funding for scholarships is not a given. Fewer and fewer people are in a position to donate to scholarship funds. Where is the money going to come from? It doesn’t come from the good grades fairy, unless we are using code for “rich parents.”

The same speculative markets that drive up the price of tech, housing, oil… are also starting to drive up the prices in global food markets. Will this person still be getting by when demand for food is artificially inflated and peanut butter costs $8 per jar?

And I hope that universal health care is ruled constitutional and expanded, because a broken bone at the emergency room costs $3000+, and that’s if you are “lucky” in which bone you broke. I remember when I was saving a couple hundred dollars a month and felt damn good about it – could I have afforded that bill? Never. I would have had to rely on family or suck it up and heal myself, because it would have taken more than a year to save up that kind of money.

The 99%, working their butts off to get by, to get through school, to get skills and knowledge that will help themselves and their communities… they should be able to do that without having speculative markets pick their pockets. They should be able to do that without insurance industry lobbyists undermining healthcare. They should be able to get scholarships for outstanding academic achievements and they should be able to trust that their infrastructure won’t be falling down around their ears because companies don’t care about the long-term when their CEO’s can be pocketing the difference:

The difference between the 99% living decently, and the 99% scrambling to get by at the first misfortune.


2 Responses to “The 99%”

  1. Melinda Castelan Says:

    FACT: Many of you support corporate greed. Thats what this mystery person on the left was trying to say. Read between the lines.

  2. David Byars Says:

    Melinda- just looking for clarification:
    Do you mean that by not publicly withdrawing support for the speculative markets and other forms of corporate greed we are enabling them?
    If so, do you disagree that publicly withdrawing support is exactly what Occupy Wallstreet (and Everywhere Else) is doing?

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