We are number 1 plus


Hemant reposted one of these charts by the Pew Research Center which shows that of the religiously “unaffiliated” 66% support gay marriage, which exceeds the number of supporters in the nearest affiliated group by more than 10%.

But many commenters suggested that doesn’t tell the whole story, that atheists and agnostics would have an even higher percentage of support if looked at as a subset- that many of the unaffiliated are religious people who don’t identify as members of a church but who still believe church doctrine- and they are right.

When you get into the numbers for “unaffiliated” there is a category named Atheists/Agnostic and it shows that 80% of us support gay marriage.

same-sex-marriage-10-06 10-10-06

Highest percentage of support: atheists and agnostics with 80%


Which leads me to say: hells yes, 80 percent! Number 1 as natural allies for oppressed minorities.

And, not to dwell on the negative, but: what the hell, you 20 percenters?


2 Responses to “We are number 1 plus”

  1. We’re Even Better Than #1! | Friendly Atheist Says:

    […] any truth to that?David Byars looked into the most recent data available (2010) and found that 80% of atheists/agnostics supported same-sex marriage.So I present to you this revised chart:Much better!16% of atheists/agnostics still oppose it… […]

  2. conticreative Says:

    Makes me wonder who these 20% are?
    It also looks like it went from 82% in 2009 to 80% approval in 2010. This data is actually telling me that support for GM went down for atheist/agnostics? While the trend has gone up on the whole?

    As far as I know 2% is within the margin of error in any survey but still it seems to me too large a percentage does not support GM. Seems to me this is something we should look into inside our movement. (not to single out anyone, just to learn more about the composition of the group)

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