Reading apologetics, shaking my head, thinking of the SSA.


I will be starting a Secular Student Alliance affiliate group when I get back to California, so I thought I would make a list of reasons for the club. Please give me additional reasons if you have any offhand.

1. To provide a warm community for those who have no religion and no desire to acquire religion.

2. To provide a forum to discuss the natural world without people making conversation stopping assertations that goddidit.

3. To perform community service without it being assumed we are doing it for a god.

4. To create a means with which we can work towards upholding the establishment clause, towards ensuring freedom of expression and with which we can fight gender and racial equality as well as equality for nonbelievers.

5. To be able to discuss, compare and contrast religions and their change over time without people becoming offended and asserting that just for discussing such things, we are being hateful.

6. To develop our critical thinking skills and ability to logically construct and deconstruct arguments in writing and speech.


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2 Responses to “Reading apologetics, shaking my head, thinking of the SSA.”

  1. Emily Says:

    I think that you should add something like “To include and inform students of all beliefs or lack thereof.”

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